Mama to be ? Welcome...

If you've had a look around you may have noticed that my newborn photoshoots are mainly in home. I've always being drawn to documenting families in their own beautiful homes, their intimate safe havens they build their little newborn bubbles in. But since becoming a mother myself I can see the attraction from the other side. In those first few weeks the struggle is real. Leaving the house on time seems far from possible especially with the growing list of items that little love needs carting around. Every home I go to I always hear the same thing "I'm so glad we've done this at home, we've barely managed to leave the house".

Whilst it is super convenient for mamas to have me come to them this isn't the only reasoning behind my love for home newborn photoshoots. As I mentioned briefly, your home becomes your safe space when your in that intense first few weeks postpartum. And probably forever more from then! It's where you'll feel most at ease and relaxed which will make such a big difference in your photos.

"Not having to rush anywhere with 2 children and add travel time on to our morning was amazing ! On top of this our 4 year old son was extremely comfortable for the pictures in his own home and meant he could break off to play with his toys when he wasn’t In certain shots

Additionally Ashley is absolutely amazing at what she does and made us all feel so at ease including my partner who hates his picture taking !! We absolutely love our pictures and have pictures from both shoots across our home"

Besides the ease and comfort of having an in home photoshoot, to me there's nothing more personal than having photos taken at this precious time in your own unique home. Every newborn shoot I do is completely different and there's never two sets of photos that are the same. This gives you unique photos like no others that no one else will have. Yes studio photography can be beautiful but is it completely you? Does it reflect you as a family and all that family means to you right now in this moment of your life? Just imagine 30, 40 years down the line. You've moved homes maybe once or twice. That first family home you bought your baby in to giving it so much life and magic is a distant memory. But you have those beautiful moments documented in the place that meant the most to you at that time. Is there anything more priceless?

"Being at home allowed me more time to get ready, feel comfortable, saved us any travel time, and reduced the stress that comes in the early days of trying to leave your house on time with a newborn. It genuinely felt like we had a friend in our home taking pictures. 

No matter where we live in the future, I will love that we have those pictures in our first family home to look back on"

Every home I'm invited in to is as special as the last to me. Being given the privilege of documenting a family during one of the most life changing and raw times they'll experience is one of the best parts of my job and not something I take lightly. I know from going through my own experience and journey into motherhood just how much emotion this time holds and it's my mission to document it perfectly for you.

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What should we wear?

Keep it light and simple. Earthy neutrals always look good in any home and are easy to pair together.

Can siblings be included?

Of course! They're part of your story and it's always beautiful capturing that connection with them.

When should we have the shoot ?

I'd generally recommend the first two weeks of baby being born to really capture those tiny, fresh details.

How much does a newborn shoot cost?

Depending on the package you choose, between £195-£395. You can find all the info on the investment page of my website.