Okay this has being a long time coming... I'm unveiling some of my secret beauty spots in Wakefield!

It's something I get asked constantly when posting my photos online. "Oh this looks beautiful, where is it?!" And whilst I am precious about my photoshoot spots as I seek out some of the most beautiful and quiet spots around, I thought it was time to share the beauty and love of them. In perfect timing for the upcoming bank holiday and all you guys that are loving getting outside in this long awaited warmer weather. So here goes.

Haw park woods

I only came to know about this stunning place a few years ago thanks to my good friend Gill but ever since discovering Haw Park Woods it's become my ultimate happy place. There's not many places in Wakefield you can get lost in the sounds of nature rather than the bustle of the M1 and other busy roads but a walk around this place completely cuts you of from that, so much so that it's hard to believe it is Wakefield. Host to some of the most beautiful woodland I've seen, streams and a gorgeous body of water it really is the most peaceful escape. You won't find any real car park here also making it super quiet unlike some of the other popular walking spots in the area. Below is a google maps link to a small area/lay by you can park. There's a track just to the side leading you across the reservoir and into the woods. From there there's a number of paths you can take, each as beautiful as the last.


Seckar woods

Another place I use frequently but this ones more for the summer months. As well as the lush woodland, Seckar woods is surrounded by beautiful fields which alternate their crops every year. As you can see from the photos they range from the wonderfully yellow rapeseed fields to wheat and everything in between. The woodland here is actually protected because of the vast and rare amount of plants and trees growing all in the same area including the gorgeous purple heathers that grow on the open land there through august. The car parking again is another roadside lay by, although there is a proper car park down the road I love going in from this entrance as you get a walk down the fields before entering the woodland on your right.


Calder Park wetlands nature reserve

One for the water lovers! So this beautiful place is just across the road from the infamous Pugney's (which in my opinion is over crowded and over used!). It's great for a walk around the edge of the peaceful water side or commonly used for paddle boarding and wild swimming. Bonus points here as there's a pub and beer garden just aside it! A few options for parking here, the google link takes you to a space which holds only about 3 cars. You can also park alongside the dual carriageway or better yet, have a few bevvies in the pub and leave your car there!



My absolute go to time and time again. Yes it's very popular but if you find the right spots this place it utter stillness and calm. Whichever direction you walk you will not be dissapointed. Of course there the lake itself but head up and around into the surrounding woodland and there's so much more! The back of the lake trails off in to a beautiful river that can be followed even further. The further you walk the more quiet you will find. The google link as always won't take you to a main car park. But further up the road where you can park roadside and head straight into the woods. It's so much quieter that end and you can avoid the chaotic car park on the weekend!


One final note...

Just to say if your thinking about heading to one of these blissful locations with children, I wouldn't say any of them are really pram friendly. However you can make them all shorter walks for little legs!

Please please get some photos on your stories and give me a tag if you go adventure to any of my happy little beauty spots, and enjoy!