My brother, my hero.

So sports photography is definitely not my forte. I'm used to photographing sweet newborn babies and idyllic weddings. But when your brother steps in to a ring month after month to take on opponents from all over the country it's hard not to want photograph what you feel like is a champion in the making. So after watching him win his 8th fight last night I was feeling pretty inspired to write my second blog today and used it as a chance to go through the photos I've taken of him and his team over the last two years or so.

Strike series

When it comes to siblings I think most people can agree it's a love hate relationship. And don't get me wrong we've definitely had our moments when we were younger, in fact we always joke that our fights were what kick started Jamies boxing as he had to learn to protect himself from his older sister. But the truth is those fights stopped when clocked me straight on the nose and bust it when I was about 10 years old. And especially over the last few years there hasn't been a bit of hate between us. He might be my younger brother but he's the person that I go to when I just can't make sense of life. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one he's an inspiration to. He works hard and he trains even harder and I genuinely don't know how he does it.

I wrote in my first blog about how much I love photographing my loved ones going through their special life moments and that's just what I do with my brother. My photos might not be the best and I've still got a lot to learn when it comes to sports photography but there's not a chance I'm going to let it stopping me capturing the achievement and journey this guy is on. Besides, it's hard work trying photograph when you're shaking so much you can barely change your camera settings. We don't all admit it but watching Jamie step in to the ring is the strangest and scariest feeling. I've always felt this overwhelming need to protect my little brother but this is something he has to take on himself. He proves to us time and time again that there's never really and need at all for any worry but I don't think that feeling will ever fully go away.

We've both being through our fair share of crap for the ages we are but I've never seen anyone come through the other side and turn in to the person Jamie has. If you know him well enough you'll know it's pretty unbelievable. And he's done it all of his own back. His first fight at the beginning of last year was probably the most emotion I've ever felt in my life. Watching my baby brother walk out and get in a ring with someone that could potentially really hurt him was terrifying. I knew as well as everyone else how much he'd trained for it and how much it meant to him. All our family as well as his closest friends we're there to support him and the to atmosphere was insane. The poor lad he was fighting didn't really stand much of a chance and his team threw the towel in on the second round. And since that I think there's only being one fight the his opponents made it to the end. But that didn't stop him from winning either.

I don't think sport photography is ever anything I'll ever pursue in a professional way but while ever my brothers in the game so am I. If anythings going to inspire you to better yourself at something it's going to be watching your brother doing the same thing. Although I can't really compare taking photos to what he does...

Before I finish I just want to give a shout out to his team. #TeamAgoge. I've never seen a bond like I have between you guys and I take my hat off to the work you put in and the training you do. What a year 2019 has been for you guys. And it's not over yet! Wherever in the country you all go I'll continue to follow you like a little groupie with my camera.

Enough with the sop anyway. I can't be embarrassing him too much. He's only started to hug me in public in the last year or so. I'm sure you know how much of an inspiration you are to all of us J. Wherever you go we'll all be there behind you. I'm so excited to see what the future holds for you. Peace out.


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