New beginnings...

So for awhile I've been meaning to start writing a blog to go alongside a website for my work and to promote my business but you know how life just gets in the way? So here it is. My first blog... or should I say attempt at a blog!

For a long time I've worked a full time day job and pursued my love of photography on the side, often neglecting my little business and assuming work would just find me. Since getting engaged back in may and going on the hunt for my own wedding photographer I quickly realised that I've I need to do a lot of work to be anywhere near the standards of some of my favourite photographers out there. Not necessarily in my photos but in my kit, marketing and social media presence. So here it is! This is me upping my game.

I thought I'd dedicate my first blog to the people that inspire me day in and day out. The people that let me in to their lives to capture their special life moments. The people that are always there for me and always believe in me. My best friends.

There's never being anything I love more than to be able to provide the closest people to me the gift of memory through photos. From shooting the photos to seeing the finished product after editing and sharing them. But mainly the reaction from people once they see their photos just warms my heart. One of my favourite little people to photograph has got to be my gorgeous godson Finn Arthur Cardus. From photographing him newborn in the hospital to his birthdays or just days out strawberry picking this little guy just lights up my life and photos.

Oh Finn!

I've been best friends with his mum Emily since we were in high school and to be completely honest, she's the one that's got me off my ass to start this blog! She's get's me through the hardest of time and her and Finn just make the most beautiful photos. I've never been one to be maternal or love the thought of having children, but if the day comes that I do and I was anywhere near as good of a mother as my best friend is to that little boy well I just know I'd be winning at life.

And the cutest mother son photo goes to...

So the next person you could say got forced in to letting to take maternity photos of her. I think she still hates me a little but how could I let one of my besties pass through pregnancy with out letting me capture how beautiful she looked?! I thought this crazy lady would be the one partying in to the night with me for another few years to come I'm not going to lie but this one was just destined to be a mother and the announcement of her pregnancy was just the best surprise! She's the most caring and genuine person and has recently bought the most gorgeous little girl in to the world.

No caption needed for this gorgeous lady!

I've never been one for studio photography and although I have always carried studio equipment for newborn shoots Meg give me the freedom to play around and capture her new addition and little family so naturally. I felt like I could be myself and it's really given me so much more confidence. To be fair her little model Harriet just made it so damn easy. I mean look at her!

Those eyes though!

Last but certainly not least is my long time best gal Lucy. Who all of this started with. My Dad bought me my first 'proper' camera when I was around 15. Me and Lucy legit thought we were pro's. Me as the photographer and her as the model in her back garden shooting away with out a care in the world. She's expecting a little angel of her own very shortly and I've had to wait so patiently to photography her as she lives a few hours away but my god the photos did not disappoint! Despite crappy weather me, her and the third part to us Connel went trudging through a forest near hers red with cameras and smoke bombs. There's no one else I laugh with more than these two. I don't really know how we managed to get any serious photos at all!

So there it is! My first blog. More than likely with plenty of spelling and grammar mistakes but hey I went to art school! I hope you all enjoy the read and thank you to my besties for helping me make the most beautiful of photos! xxx

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