Behind the lens...

Hey! I'm Ash, a photographer based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. I photograph weddings, newborns and everything in-between. I run my little business along time a full time job working for a bank.

I've been photographing as long as I can remember and have spent the years before venturing properly in to my little business venture capturing my nearest and dearest at the most precious of moments.

I've experimented and done a bit of everything including having my own studio for a short while. However I didn't feel studio photography was really 'me'. It didn't give me the freedom I have photographing outdoors and In people's lovely homes.


Photographing families in all different stages if their life journeys just gives me so much joy and satisfaction. I mean what better than being able to provide people with the gift of memory? I love getting to know them and now have many families who come back to me year after year. I've photographed families welcoming their newborn babies in to the world and gone on to photograph the biggest day of their lives. Their weddings. And vice versa. Which is why I don't restrict myself to just photographing weddings. I'm an all rounder. Which gives me more job satisfaction that I could ever need! 

I wouldn't really say that I have a style. I get to know people and their own style and capture this in my images. Everyones different and every shoot I go to I produce different images from the last. Although I would say I'm very chilled and make the people I photograph feel at ease whether they're friends, family or complete strangers. We'll always have a laugh! 

So that's a little about me. Now tell me about yourself! I'd love to get to know you and family for whatever shoot you may be interested in. So hit me up!